Google Tracks Down Website Hackers

According to Google, the largest Search Engine provider company in the world, Hackers steal not less than 250,000 users information online while login each week.

In a research done in March 2016 to March 2017 that was published, last week uncovered various leakages of username and password in a third-party database. The study was carried out for one year in conjunction with University of California, Berkeley.

Google researchers studied so many ways hackers used to hijack users information in which we have thoroughly explained and analyzed in our previous articlesWhy you Should Secure your Website.

The researchers also dig deep to know more about tools used by the hackers and how they used them to steal people’s information online most especially Google users. They were able to identify not less than 25,000 tools used by the hackers to perpetuate their work.

According to the Security Researcher at Google, Kurt Thomas, “One of the interesting things we found was the sheer scale of information on individuals that are out there and accessible to hijackers”.

The purpose of publishing the research is to inform the public the vulnerabilities that are available online and how they can guide against such for proper security for their presence online, as said by Google.

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