10 Quick Tips To Avoid Computer Viruses

Virus or malware have been an antagonist to perfect function of our devices and the need to avoid them is very significant to every user of such devices. Therefore as a way to guide against connecting with such viruses or malware, in this post, we would explore some quick and simple tips we can use to keep away from them.

  • Perform daily Scan on Your Device

    If you use your device often, try to schedule a daily scan for your device for it to be free from viruses or spyware by using your installed Antispyware or Antivirus software.

  • Use updated Anti-Spyware or Antivirus software

    You might find this annoying but I’m telling you it worth laboring for. It is important to have latest database definitions in your Anti-spyware or Anti-Virus program so that it can help detect new and latest virus and other malware.

  • Install Quality Software on Your device

    Quality materials often do quality works, if you purchase genuine Anti-Spyware or Anti-virus program you will be protected from the sting of viruses or malware while surfing on your device. There are many high-quality malware monitoring programs you can purchase to do the best work for you.

  • Turn on Your Firewall at all times

    The firewall can act as the first means of your protection even if you don’t have anti-spyware or anti-virus yet. Always turn on your firewall.

  • Don’t Download through P2P programs

    You might not be able to verify if your connection on a P2P network is safe for virus or virus-free, avoid downloading directly from Pair-to-Pair networks.

  • Don’t open email attachments until it has been checked through a virus scan.

    Most email service providers have free virus scan program on their email servers. Try to scan any attachments sent to you via email before downloading them to your devices.

  • Turn on Automatic Updates on Windows so that you can install the latest security patches.

    Microsoft updates their programs every time and it’s recommended for their customers to keep up with the updates on their operating system in order to be relevant with the security updates released by the company that fixes loopholes in their operating system. Automatic update is the easiest way to download these updates.

  • Disable Autorun

    Most malware or virus spread much faster through the autorun. Disable this autorun on your device in order to keep it safe from viruses and malware.


    • Beware of Emails from people you don’t know

      Try to take caution in opening an email you can’t identify the sender or familiar with. One click on such email can spread the virus on your device quickly.

    • Avoid downloading files from suspicious websites

      Suspicious websites are mainly illegal websites that are not genuine or with fake contents. Read here on how to identify a safe website.


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