Features To Consider before you launch your website

Don’t you think it is necessary for you to be familiar with some web development features even if you are not a web developer? Your website deserves some basic features regardless of your business operation and I’m here to quickly give you an overview of what feature you may need for your web development projects.

Web development entails having a better dynamic Web presence for a company or organization with a Return on Investment (ROI) plan. Highlighted below are features to consider;

1 LOGO: the logo represent what the company does, Design an eye-catching logo that shows what the company does and thereby create a better impression on her clients.

2 Mobile Responsiveness: Your website should be mobile responsive and this is very imperative since most users will be viewing the site on their mobile devices.

3 Branding: This is the provision of better graphics or media for your website most especially Products like Wrist Watches, Wears, and household materials require better graphics illustration most importantly if you are developing an E-commerce website. It is also necessary for the general look and feel of the site.

4 Brands: If your client’s company is in partnership with great other global brands, create an interactive page where users will be able to select products easily based on their preferred brands.

5 Online Shopping: If you are developing an E-commerce website you should have an online shopping cart that provides a better shopping experience for visitors.


    6 Payment Options: Try to consider having online payment integration to your website to ease transaction on your website and give users multiple payment options.

    8 Blog Page: Visitors on the site should be kept abreast of the latest information and new arrivals from your company; it is highly recommended you have this feature.

    11 Services: A service page is necessary for those companies’ dealings with products and services, the company’s services should be more pronounced on the home; hence create a feature to address this.

    12 Contact Form: This will let the user get in touch with the company or organization through their website, provide a user form for the contact page and also other relevant user subscription form.

    13 Live Chat: This is online real-time chat assistance; this feature can be integrated for conversion purpose.

    16 Security: Having a site security seal on your website gives the user a sense of trust while interacting with your website, this feature is highly recommended for any business outfit.