Are you into textiles or fashion?This is How Internet Can Help Your Business

Are you in the textile industry? Are you a fashion designer? Are you into design and production of yarn, cloth, clothing and their distribution?

Have you been wondering what internet will do for your business? Here we are bringing you the good news of what internet will do for you in the textile industry that you belonged.

Digital technologies are the real disruptive trends underway in manufacturing industry; products developments are becoming more intelligent and interactive through Artificial Intelligence (AI) embedment, customer expectations are increasing and new production technologies are expanding.

The internet has already affected the world of apparel and textiles. Driven to provide consumer’s ease of doing business, the majority of apparel manufacturer and retailers presently have created a virtual version of some aspects of their current physical environment. Many manufacturers and retailers are using the internet to go beyond their traditional way of doing things by providing the consumer with a value-added internet experience such as customized on-line apparel catalogs and custom-fit clothing.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) has come on stage to outsmart the old ways of doing things. It reduces the demand for manual sketches. New software programs are now replacing the old manual skills. Old fashions of flat pattern construction, pencil sketching, traditional math-based pattern sizing and those who lag in math and falter at sketching can now breathe a little easier.

The technology now exists to revolutionalized the textile-apparel supply chain to provide consumers with what they want, when and where they want it.

The technology that defines product identification using barcode and point-of-sale scanning, used to provide immediate, accurate information on which products have sold; Electronic data interchange, used by the retailer to place replenishment orders quickly and accurately; e-commerce module that sees to the sales of fashion materials without having a physical presence is all the talk of the new developments in fashion and textile industries.

As a business owner, your absence in this new line of development is really a big mess. You need to join the new revolution in technology and digital world.


    Elmoor Consult will help you maintain your presence in this new era of development and make your business of fashion or textile worth investing in both offline and online platform. We help business owners developed a digital solution for their processes from the point of manufacturing or design to sales of those products.

    If you want your passion for fashion or textile production business to come to life such as Brooks Brother and Levi Strauss textile company that are currently using the internet as a back-end tool to facilitate end-to-end, web-based collaboration and coordination throughout the supply chain and also for front-end tool for mass customization such as IC3D (Interactive Custom clothes Company design). You can check out their online store here,,

    Contact us today for a unique digital fashion solution for your business.


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