Are You in The Food Industry? This is How Internet can Help You

As we know food is a necessity for human existence, man cannot do without food. Global market forces are now driving the continual evolution of the food industry.

According to Euromonitor International, “Growth of the already large Nigerian population, particularly babies, children and young people, drove categories such as baby food, confectionery, noodles, biscuits and dairy products.” This is the global trends of population explosion demanding food products every now and then.

New disruptive technologies are now shaping the food production in the food industry. Most business owners in food industry are asking the question of how does technology and internet as a whole affect the food industry.

Do you know that internet and new technology revolutions  will help your food business improved traceability, reduced food waste, increased efficiency, smarter handling of food products, improve the manufacturing process, optimize equipment in real time, better data collection, higher levels of food safety all without the need for human interaction?

Have you heard of E-commerce?
With just a digital platform, you will have a greater adaptability and flexibility that would reduce the number of waste and eliminate risks involved with food production numbers.

Also, IoT (Internet of Things) is already integrated into certain areas of food production in some countries. “This is not a vision of the future- this is underway now,” says by Dave Evans, former Chief Futurist at Cisco and co-founder and CTO of Stringify.

Moreover, companies such as Jumia , FoodTrolley and Supermart are utilizing their digital presence on internet to bring food closer to people. They are selling fresh food to consumers using their website and mobile application that reduce costs and availability.
That is helping in the way we farm food products and progressing to food manufacturing. IoT allows for better data collection, which can help manufacturers analyze and optimize their production processes.

In addition, some smart products are already connected to the Internet in the way to the smartest kitchen. Robots are prepared to access recipes on the Internet, making the preparation of food more precise. Also for helping to a balanced diet, The Orange Chef  is focusing on data transparency with devices to measure calories and nutritional facts.


    The journey of food production starts from a farmer to the last consumer, new technology and internet have created a lot of opportunities in developing farmers to be efficient in farming what we eat. For instance, Smart power systems, precision agriculture tools, farm management software and affordable digital solutions are all available for farmers now. All these will increase the farmers’ profitability, productivity, efficiency, and improve consumers’ livelihood with better work environments, food safety, and security. Just like Promethean Power Systems that help farmers preserve perishable products through technology and internet facility. and Beat Drone in   Nigeria that uses drone to help farmers spread pesticides on their acres of land for effective pest control and harvesting.

    Moreover, innovations continue in other areas of food production and supply such as production, processing, distribution and retailing. E-commerce is shaping the aspect of distribution and retailing of food products with the use of internet just like Jumia and others. Various companies are venturing into sell and resell of farm produce such as Yesharvest,   a Nigeria startup that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to users in their homes through online platform with the use of digital tools like website and mobile applications.

    As a business owner, your absence in this new line of digital development is really a big mess. You need to join the new revolution in technology and digital revolutions.
    Elmoor Consult  will help you maintain your presence in this new era of development and make your business worth investing on both offline and online. We help business owners developed a digital solutions for their processes from the point of manufacturing to sales of those products. See testimony here

    With our digital solutions, you can track to know how, when and where your food products get to and also have an efficient data collection. You can also set-up an E-commerce store for your food products with our affordable digital solutions. We will provide you with digital solutions that manage your documents, provide interactive platforms and make it easier to sell food products, send bids, manage capital and human labour, request reports and receive customers’ details.

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