The Pros and Cons of Using is a blogging platform that is meant to share articles. It is an online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams and was launched in August 2012. In this post, we will look at the pros and cons of using as a blogging page for Cooperate organizations or companies.

The Pros
Building Audience: Medium helps you build an audience around your niche or company because of similar interest they have.

Test Your Writing: The platform will help you have a focus on writing a good content and also test your writing ability.

Error Free: The platform helps you edit your contents for good write-ups for your followers or audience.

Effective Connection: will help you connect more effectively with your audience directly.

Multimedia is allowed: You can share an effective image, videos, infographics etc on the platform.

Quality backlinks: Medium also provides you quality backlinks that can reach millions of people.

Detailed Statistics: you will be able to get detailed statistics about your post such as a number of views, complete reads, shares etc.

Security: Your contents are served by the highly secure server of Medium so might not be vulnerable to security threats.

The Cons
Limited Editing Tools: Medium will not allow bullet point lists with more than one level.

Commenting System: The user interface for comments look too bulky and looks like a story on its own.

Brand Exchange: If your contents are in The Medium, you are enriching their own company’s website while your own company’s site is been starved with contents. If your contents are on your blog, you are building up your own brand.

Limited design or Layout: Your possibility of choosing what you want as a layout for your contents is limited only to what Medium provided on their site.

Advertisements or Monetization: Medium would not allow you to advertise or monetize your contents directly on their platform you can only do that on your own blog.

No Guaranty: Your contents can disappear anytime on Medium without any feedback.

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