The Pros and Cons of Using is a blogging platform that is meant to share articles. It is an online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams and was launched in August 2012. In this post, we will look at the pros and cons of using as a blogging page for Cooperate organizations or companies.

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Before you Hire a Web Developer !

Web Design Brief is a document prepared by a clients or company planning to acquire a website for their brand in order to guide a web designer or developer to understand and implement their website vision.

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5 Tips to Identify a Safe Website

As the Internet continues to grow and enhance every aspect of our lives such as shopping, banking, networking, interacting and more extremely convenient advances with the world around us. It also comes along with risk and avenues for criminals to exercise their work.

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How to Drive Traffic of Buying Customers to Your Website

You have just launched your brand new magnificent website/ eCommerce Store with your business contact details strategically positioned at the top right corner of your site as you eagerly anticipate your phone to start buzzing endlessly from customers from all over …but sadly that never happened after a long disappointing wait 🙁

Well, you probably did not know that marketing still remains the lifeblood of any business.

No Marketing, no Traffic
No Traffic, no Prospects.
No Prospects, no Sales.
No Sales, no Business.
Yes, it’s that serious!

You need to engage active and passive digital marketing for your website.

In this report I will share 10 tips for getting traffic to your website or blog.
Although some of these strategies may not be an instant ‘over-night’ fix, you may be pleasantly surprised how quickly many of them may completely be a game changer for your business online. 🙂

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    10 Must Have Features For A Website

    Website today has become a must for all business owners or organization that wish to market their business to the global village.
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    3 Quick Steps To Know Who Clicked On Your Products Online

    There are different ways to track the visitors or potential customers on your website or app that had an interaction with your products or services online.

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    5 Key Things Social Media Will Do For Your Business

    Digital branding is a critical part of building a successful online business and boosts your earnings. There are different platforms for digitizing your business online. For instance, there are almost 2 billion people on social media and 62% of all adults use social media, 60% of Facebook users post about products or services they used. Customers, clients, patients who are fans or followers of your brand on social media spend 100% to 160% more than your average customer!

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    Why You Should Secure Your Websites

    Protecting your website is as imperative as creating a website because of its importance for your business purposes. There are different insecurities that might mal your website and cart away your information or vital materials on your website if you are careless about securing your website.

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    How To Monitor Traffic Reports On Your Website

    Most people create websites but they don’t know what their visitors’ interest are. Create a product or services that will keep your visitors coming. Follow the steps below to have quick overview on how you can monitor your website traffic? Your reports will help you know what your customers want and how they interact with your website? How long they stay on your website page? What pages they visited most? etc.

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