NIN will boost eCommerce in Nigeria says OLX

National Identity Numbers will fuel the growth of e-commerce industry in Nigeria when fully harnessed, according to the Nigeria Manager of OLX, Lola Masha.
She said this while making a remark at the recent fifth anniversary of the leading classified ads sire in Nigeria.

Masha lamented that trust has been one of the major challenges of the e-commerce industry and can be tackled with proper identity database management.

She said, “When we look at the landscape or business model of classified ads, it relies on trust. You are selling goods to a ‘stranger’. People tend to ask questions as: can I trust the seller? Can I trust the item, especially when it is a secondhand? While the seller is asking where and how do I meet the buyer so as to be protected? If you look at where classified ads industry has worked, it is usually in the developed market. Unfortunately, the trust issue is problematic in the emerging markets, especially in Nigeria”.

Masha also made it known that another way e-commerce can survive in Nigeria is through competition that brought about innovations and standard market in the industry. She, however, expressed gratitude that her company still survives in the industry after five years of experience.