Are you in the Printing Industry? This is How Internet Can Help your Business

The last decades have seen the disruption of digital technologies in the printing industry. According to a survey conducted by Drupa Global Insights on the impact of the internet on print in 2014; “amongst the total Drupa global expert panel 46% reported a decline in demand for a conventional (non-digital) print over the last 5 years, compared with 21% who reported an increase, an overall net balance reporting decline of 25%. When the answers were analyzed between sectors, packaging came off by far the best, with a far smaller net balance reporting a decline of 14% compared with 33% for commercial and 42% for publishing printers.

In terms of substrates, a net balance of 9% reported a decline in demand for paper over the last 5 years, compared with those that reported an increase. This contrast with net balances reporting growing demand for carton board, flexibles, metal, glass and fabrics. Advertising pays for the majority of print so the steady drift away from print to another form of digital communications has had a compound effect over time. Click here for full reports

This is to tell you that the disruption in the industry with the arrival of the internet cannot be over-emphasized. With the internet, you can now have web-to-print (W2P) services, customer database management, digital asset management, digital print-on-demand (PoD), e-book, e-commerce, etc.

The Internet has increased the opportunities for personalization and competition in the printing industry, as customers no longer have to meet a printer physically before getting their job done. Mass customization can easily be done within the comfort of consumers’ room. The internet is now changing the way business and marketing are been done.

It also had an impact on content, style, quality, and affordability of magazine production. Readers can now get access quickly to quality contents in an online magazine rather than purchasing a printed or published copy.

I believed you must have heard about Printivo, if not you need to hear this, Printivo is one of the companies that specialize in mass customization and print-on-demand in Nigeria. Previously in Nigeria, people always faced the challenges of getting their printing work done on time by an expert printer who is either far away to get in order cities or countries but with the revolution of the internet, they can easily get their printing materials done within a short period and more efficiently.


    You can make your design online through Printivo platform and order for your designed materials immediately. There are various start-ups that are disrupting the industry to make printing easier with the use of the internet.

    E-commerce is also part of the benefits internet has brought to us. You can easily buy and sell your prints materials such as advert banners, e-books, logo, magazines, newspapers, etc.

    6plusprints is another awesome company currently leveraging on the opportunity of e-commerce by using the internet to drive printing, the platform that was developed by El-moor Consult with high-tech digital design materials that makes it easy for customers to order for their prints materials.

    At Elmoorconsult, we help new startups in digital printing industry just like 6plusprints that specializes in digital printing and control her market online through an interactive e-commerce platform that facilitates buying and selling of the prints materials developed for the company.

    At Elmoorconsult, our job is to help you bring that your old dream in the printing sector to the new future of digital technology. We would help you design a digital platform where you can ask your consumers to design to their taste, pay immediately to your bank account within seconds, and reduce your budget drastically through a proper digitized platform for your printing business. You can see our testimonials here.