Truelcaller Kick-Off Developer Program in Nigeria

Truecaller is one of the fastest growing call and mobile identity applications company in Africa with more than 50million users. It has Nigeria as the third largest market globally with more than 1.6million users in the country.
The company launched her developer’s programme; Truecaller-Software Development Kit (SDK) in Lagos on Thursday. Truecaller-SDK is a mobile identity solution that enables third-party app developers to verify end users without much stress within a short time.

Truecaller SDK is presently on Android, IOS, and web platforms for any app or website to instantly onboard, auto-fill information, and verify user’s phone number with their permission.

The Director and Head of Global Developer &Startup Relations at Truecaller, Priyam Bose said the Truecaller SDK will allow third-party app developers, digital businesses, and startups to verify end users quickly by using their Truecaller profile and password.

He said;”We see Nigeria as one of the most promising eco-systems in Africa, that’s why we have decided to kick-off our tour in the market. After engaging with some of the top tech startups and digital businesses in the country, we are even more convinced that Truecaller SDK- mobile identity solution will help solve many of their challenges when onboarding and verifying new users.”

Bose added that “We are currently working on the mobile app for people to promote their businesses on the Truecaller platform locally. One of the things we’ll be doing here is the Truecaller developer’s programme in Africa including Nigeria- a mobile development focusing on internet mobile and online businesses.”
Presently, Truecaller said they are helping Nigerian users block more than 13 million calls, and 25 million spam SMS on a monthly basis.
Present at the event were developers, entrepreneurs, journalist, Truecallers Chief Commercial Officer, Ted Nelson and others as reported by Daily Post news reporter, Opeyemi Kehinde.